“Happiness is the only thing which doubles when you share it”

Many of us belong to the happier people of this world and sometimes we don’t even realize or appreciate it. We quest for more and more material things and consumer goods and can’t even imagine a life many others have to live every day.

The unfairness of this world makes you to become desperate or at least to try to make something different. In many countries the people have to live on their limits, they have to fight for their lives every day without any realistic chance for a better future. We try to be the drop in the bucket and try to give at least a few people hope and the chance of a better future.

It would be great if you decide to support us.

Our organization depends completely on your kindness and your generosity. But the good thing is, that even a small contribution can bring a lot in Uganda. Any amount helps us to get ahead. If many people decide to give a little it will be strong together.

For 5 Euro you can get in Uganda:

FINI e.V. is still a small organization. The good thing with it is that it is easy to control and we can ensure that we know everything what’s going on because we are only two people responsible. Your donations reach the beneficiaries for sure. I even pay for all the administration costs in Germany by myself and I work complementary.

But the problem is that we depend completely on donations. If you decide to help us you’ll get a donations receipt for any amount.