Origin history

In the past KIDS IN NEED was a well managed organization. It was a rehabilitation center for former street children, only boys. By then there stayed about 70 children and teenager. But when I was there in 2008\2009 I realized already negative changings. The biggest problem was corruption of the responsible people who misused the donations and ran down the project.

Because of the worse financial situation (they minimized the amount of children but food was still not enough) the management changed in may of 2010. KIDS IN NEED became SHALOM CHARITY FOUNDATION but a long lasting positive change was not apparent. On my arrival I found like 20 young children who could go to school through the payment of a former German volunteer and most of the time there was enough food for them. .

In addition there stayed a group of elderly boys who were tolerated but without any support. Except from the cook there was no staff caring for the children so the big boys felt responsible for them and looked after them. The helped them with homework and any other problems, they made sure that the boys wash their clothes and do their work, go to school etc. Apart from that they had nothing to do and they just hung around, took drugs and dreamed about a future.

My first idea of FRIENDS IN NEED INTERNATIONAL was only to collect some money to support the organization at all and especially the old boys to get chance of an independent life. I started to talk with everyone about realistic plans for their future. They dreamed about going back to school, starting a course or running an own business. Then I started to ask for help from my relatives and friends to fulfill their wishes.

Unfortunately it was hard to work together with the new manager who was seldom present. The situation became worse and in the end he ejected all the old boys out of the home with help from armed police men. Some of them were arrested others just sent back on streets. The manager of a children’s home could use his money more useful than for bribing police…

The boys were again homeless so I had to find a solution. The only thing was to get rooms for them. Faster than I had expected or planed it FRIENDS IN NEED INTERNATIONAL became what it is now. Afterwards he decided to throw out even 5 of the young boys so our project was increasing fast.